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As passionate Home Distilling Enthusiasts, we were able to spend a lot more time on improving our recipes and techniques during the hard lockdown. Luckily, during those trying times, we had the opportunity to show and help others to better understand the processes of making and drinking “Shine” and this gave way to starting a YouTube channel called Bald Buggers Home Distilling to both share our passion and to help others learn the basics of how to distill at home to a much wider audience. Then we wanted to wear distilling-related clothing for the videos and found there wasn’t much available out there, and that is where we thought, well if we can’t buy them then let’s make them and that was the start of JFF Apparel. Our designs are inspired by the Moonshiners and meant to be worn by Distillers and anyone else that enjoys a “little tipple” Just For Fun - because that’s what it’s all about!

Bald Buggers Story

Our passion for Home Distilling has been around for years - nope decades in fact! Having the opportunity to turn the damaging effects of the brutal local Covid-19 lockdowns into a way to further explore our Home Distilling passion even further, was our chance to make those dreams turn into a reality. Building the first still out of an old copper hot water cylinder provided the means to help our friends and family out during those hard times, and also afforded us the time to make our product better. We have been repeatedly asked for advice and guidance by friends who were trying to perfect their own home distilling techniques and processes. Thus, the YouTube channel "Bald Buggers Home Distilling" was created, providing a platform for even more people to better understand the basics of running their own stills at home whilst experiencing the wonders of being able to make their very own drinkable alcohol. As our journey has unfolded, it has led us onto new ventures. Here, we offer you novel clothing & apparel designed with you in mind, which not only encompasses our passion, but also the passion of all the enthusiasts of the home-distilling community around the world – our clothes are meant to be worn by you - because you know that it's Just For Fun!

Useful Information

Product Images
The product images shown represent the range of products for illustration purposes only, and may not be an exact representation of the final product. The products attributes e.g. design size, design position, etc. vary with each size of product so it fits correctly on the final product. Product colours may vary depending on the device you are using to view the product. Specification provided for each product is based on the information provided to us by our local manufacturers and is to be used a general guide only. JFF Apparel reserves the right to change product images at any time without notice.
Production time normally takes between 4-7 working days. We are only closed over the Christmas and New Year period - so please get orders in early to guarantee delivery during this busy period.
Our delivery period of 3-4 days is available nationwide from our door to your door at very affordable rates. Unfortunately, we do not offer self collection facilities as yet, but we are working on it.
We aim to meet with our customers' expectations, but we all know that sometimes things don't always go as planned. Most of the items we sell can be returned for a full/partial refund, online store credit or replacement of same or similar item. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to us and let us know why by contacting We will do our best to make it right. Return shipping costs are payable by the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the JFF Support Team. All returns must be: · in their original packaging · in like new condition · notified & returned within 30 days of receipt of purchase
Online Payment
You can pay safely on our site using your Visa or Mastercard via Netcash. Netcash is PCI Level 1 Compliant and all credit card transactions are 3D secure enabled. We follow strict standards to ensure your data is safe.
Caring for your JFF Apparel
We recommend machine washing at 30°C. Yes - we all know it already, however we will say it here none-the-less - please do NOT mix your colours and whites in the same wash. Your hot red tee will definitely ruin a white or light one! We strongly suggest to wash your strong-coloured new garments with similar colours only, or hand-wash them the first time you wash them to avoid colours ruining your other favourite garments. (Unless you really like having everything pink in your wardrobe!) We don’t recommend washing your hoodie after every wear. It’s perfectly fine to wash it only after you wear... Read More

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